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BlackRock Begins Evaluating Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Companies

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has assembled a team to begin evaluating different blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. This bodes well for the blockchain industry as BlackRock holds $6.3 trillion in assets and could therefore inspire future investment in blockchain. As many different use cases of blockchain roll out into the news, asset managers see the value of this growing industry and will want to invest. Learn more here!

Dubai Leads in Government Implementation

Dubai’s government has been one of the first to create a blockchain implementation plan, hoping to use the decentralized system to:

  • secure health records
  • more effectively trade finance with smart contracts
  • boost tourism
  • increase trade efficiency, particularly for illiquid assets
  • streamline ID verification

The city also plans to roll out a city-wide pilot, integrating blockchain into every aspect of government operations. Read more about the “smart city” here from IBM, Dubai’s lead strategic partner.