Blockchain Could Reshape the Arts Industry

HBR publishes an article regarding yet another use case for blockchain. There is a very long supply chain in the cultural industries between the creators of movies, art, and music and those who consume them. Each middlemen takes a cut of the creator’s revenue, leaving artists with a lot less than they deserve. However, blockchain could provide an ecosystem where artists’ creations could be stored and moved securely and privately, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Zach LeBeau, CEO of SingularDTV, a blockchain-based distribution platform, details the advantages of this novel system including:

  • inclusive revnues
  • transparent ledgers
  • digital rights management
  • piracy protection
  • reputation systems

See how this novel system could completely transform the arts industry here.


West Virginia Becomes First State to Use Blockchain with Elections

This May, West Virginia allowed overseas residents to vote using mobile blockchain technology to make voting easier and more efficient. The traditional method involves mailing ballots overseas, but states have faced difficulties in the past. With this new system, voters cast their votes through a secure and real time app and West Virginia plans to continue the pilot into the general election. Although the technology appears to be promising learn why it does not provide a national solution here.


JetBlue Capitalizing on Blockchain Tech to Help Cut Costs

JetBlue, an American low cost airline, sees the value in using innovative blockchain technology to improve its travel offerings and to accelerate the transaction process. JetBlue Technology Ventures, located in the Silicon Valley, has begun investing in a number of blockchain startups that will hopefully take off. One of these startups is called Flyr, a company which uses algorithms and machine-learning to potentially offer travel bundles which would include flights, hotels, and excursions. These startups have the potential to transform the airline industry and JetBlue is taking full advantage of this cutting-edge technology. Read more here.


Blockchain Changing the Digital Advertising World

One of the biggest issues advertising giants face in this day and age is advertisement transparency. There is a long chain of suppliers between the digital ad and the consumer and it is particularly hard for companies to know if their ad had any influence on a real person. Ad fraud is pervasive, but blockchain could help with this.

Because blockchain is a secure, data-driven technology, it will be able to monitor the ad delivery to ensure that a real consumer saw the advertisement. This will allow marketers to have tighter control over their marketing efforts and allow them to better understand consumer preferences. HBR explains how blockchain will change the face of digital advertisement with this article.



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